The grandson of farmers and factory workers, Adam VanHo understands what it means to work hard, stand tough and stand up for what ‘s right.

Growing up in northeast Ohio, Adam still remembers the day his Dad lost his job.

He remembers his family living in the old ‘projects ‘ on the Euclid-Cleveland border and his mother working the late night shift at McDonald ‘s to keep the family afloat. He also remembers his Dad refusing to take handouts, and the family scraping and eating hot dogs and mac-and-cheese night after night. He also remembers his Dad interviewing for job-after-job until he was finally able to land a job with Cleveland ‘s Regional Transit Authority (RTA).

He also remembers the day his Mother was diagnosed with cancer.

He remembers the years of treatments and remissions, and even the reoccurrences. He realizes that had it not been for the excellent health insurance RTA provided his family, his Mother would most likely not have survived.

When other kids had silver spoons, Adam had jobs – and lots of them.

Delivering newspapers. Flipping pizzas. Working at a gun range. Working in an auto shop. Traffic surveys. Supervising traffic surveys. Working in a radio newsroom. Working in a factory. Working in a children ‘s library. Working in an insurance company maintenance department.

Adam worked his way through college at Allegheny College and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University. But he never forget where he came from – or the people who are still there.

While his classmates took jobs at high-paying corporate law firms, Adam first took a job as a prosecutor.

As a prosecutor, he battled deadbeat dads and abusive parents; juvenile delinquents; and handled thousands of criminal cases. Based on his experience and reputation, Adam was recruited to the Ohio Attorney General ‘s Office, where he primarily dealt with death penalty and organized crime cases.

Adam then went into the private sector, where he owns a law firm that works with small businesses, families and individuals facing a wide variety of legal challenges.

On a daily basis, Adam works with everyone from small business owners trying to get their companies off the ground to families dealing with a loved one fighting drug addictions.

When others have been scared away, Adam took on organized crime, gangs, murderers, rapists, crooked politicians and their families, Wall Street banks and scam artists. Never afraid to stand up for the little guy or do what ‘s right, Adam has taken cases that he thought needed to be fought – and he ‘s won.

While some professional politicians talk about how they will fight for families, Adam VanHo already has a proven record of fighting for Ohioans — and he’ll continue to do so as our State Senator.

Adam will bring this experience to Columbus to fight for families of all walks of life and take on the special interests.

He’ll also bring his experiences of working with families and small businesses into help Ohio grow its economy. He’ll also bring his almost-two decades of experience in criminal courtrooms to help battle Ohio’s opiate and violence epidemics.

Adam and his wife, Tina (Merlitti), are proud to call Munroe Falls home. They have two children, Mikey (6-1/2) and Lizzy (4-1/2), and a fourteen year old golden retriever, Bexley.

When he’s not in court or chasing his kids, Adam enjoys hiking around his family’s farm and fishing Lake Erie.