As an attorney who represents small businesses, Adam understands the importance of encouraging and fostering small businesses.

Adam believes that Ohio’s current ranking of 50th in the country in Entrepreneurship – dead last – is unacceptable. We need to retool our tax code and encourage small businesses to start and build in Ohio.

Adam also believes that in order for Ohio to compete, we need to also keep and grow companies that bring well-paying jobs to Ohio. He believes that companies that pay and treat their employees well should be supported, and that workers’ rights should be protected.

Adam also believes that for our economy to grow, Ohio must invest in new technologies – both in terms of supporting new fields, like green energy and medical technologies and in terms of training our workers and students for those fields.

Adam would also like Ohio to help encourage companies to create and bring jobs to smaller towns and rural communities – places that are often overlooked by out-of-state businesses when looking to relocate to the Buckeye State.

Adam will also fight so called “Right to Work” legislation, which threatens not only union-households, but non-union households as well. Adam understands that in “Right to Work” states, average household incomes are lower and overall working conditions are more dangerous.

As our State Senator, Adam will fight to help bring and keep well-paying jobs – they types workers can buy a house and raise a family with – to all areas of Ohio.

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Fighting Corruption

Only one candidate for the Ohio Senate has experience fighting corruption and cronyism: Adam VanHo.

As a prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General and attorney, Adam has taken on organized crime and scam artists in courtrooms around Ohio. Even when outnumbered and threatened, Adam refused to step down, pushed through and won.

He understands that taxpayers and families lose when corruption goes unchecked.

As our State Senator, Adam will fight to close loopholes that allow corruption to occur – and demand accountability when it does. He’ll fight to increase oversight and accountability of charter schools in an effort to keep scandals like the ECOT from occurring again.

With Adam VanHo in the Ohio Senate, scam artists will know that they have no place to hide.


As the son, grandson, brother, nephew and cousin of current or former teachers, Adam VanHo understands that education is an investment – not an expense.

The product of the Euclid Public Schools and a graduate of Cleveland State University, Adam understands the importance of investing in education at all levels – from preschool through college and beyond.

Adam understands that unless we fix our state’s current funding structure, which requires school districts to beg local residents for tax levies year-after-year, we will not be able to properly fund our public schools.

Adam also understands that we need to put new emphasis in making college affordable. He believes that Ohio’s college and technical schools – which are amongst the most expensive in the country – should not leave students with piles of debt, but with the ability to obtain and keep a good-paying job.

He also believes that Ohio should invest in job training and retraining of our workforce. The jobs that will fuel our nation’s economy in the future will require a well-trained workforce – and if Ohio does not supply the workers, those jobs will go to other states or countries.

Ohio needs to make sure that we have the best-trained workers in the country.

Adam VanHo will fight to make sure this happens.


Many professional politicians believe that you can either have jobs or you can have a clean environment.

Adam VanHo believes that we can have both.

Ohio is blessed with some of the best natural resources in the country. Ohio is also blessed to have some of the smartest, brightest minds in the country.

Between our educational and industrial communities, Ohio can develop the clean energy jobs that will help propel our economy into the future. Through investments in wind, solar and other clean technologies, Ohio can both grow our economy and protect the environment around us.

We can also help protect our natural resources. Currently, many of our lakes and rivers are clogged up with toxic chemicals and algae. This not only hurts those who fish, but threatens the clean water we need for our homes, businesses and families.

By bringing together and working with the agricultural, educational, environmental and industrial communities, Adam believes that we can clean up our waterways, land and air and help preserve Ohio’s beauty for future generations to come.

Second Amendment

Adam believes that we can both combat gun violence and protect the Second Amendment at the same time.

As a former prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General and attorney in private practice, Adam has first-hand experience in dealing with gun violence.

As a gun owner, CCW holder and occasional hunter, Adam understands the importance of protecting the right of individuals to own and use firearms.

He believes that there are common sense ways to keep Ohioans safe and keep firearms away from those who shouldn’t have them – including convicted felons and the mentally ill.

Adam believes that we should have an honest debate about gun violence and take common sense measures to combat it as soon as possible.

Religious Freedom

As a father and husband, Adam believes that he and his wife should be the ones teaching their children about God – and not having others impose their religious beliefs on him and his children.

He understands that for too long, public officials – including legislators – have been trying to impose their own religious or philosophical beliefs on others. This has to end.

As both a student of history and someone who grew up in the United Methodist church, Adam believes that Freedom of Religion is one of the things that made and has kept America great. He understands that all Americans should have their religious views protected.

As our State Senator, Adam will fight to make sure that religious freedom is protected for all Ohioans.

Equality For All

Adam believes that all Ohioans, regardless of their backgrounds or identities, should be treated equally and with respect.

As our Senator, Adam will fight to protect the rights of all Ohioans to live and work in an environment that does not discriminate against them on the basis of their identities or backgrounds.


Adam believes that we need to return civility and common sense to government.

Ohio has thrived when we have had leaders who are civil and willing to respect work with people with different backgrounds and philosophes.

While he is a Democrat, on a daily basis, Adam successfully works with and represents members of both political parties – both inside and outside of the courtroom.

He realizes that often times, the best results come when people from different backgrounds come together to combine ideas and move an issue forward.

As our Senator, Adam will work to bring civility and bipartisanship back to the Ohio Statehouse.


As a small business owner, Adam understands the importance of brining healthcare costs down.

Ohio has some of the best healthcare anywhere in the world. From small town hospitals to major healthcare centers in our big cities, Ohioans are blessed to be surrounded by the best medical minds in the world.

However, many Ohioans cannot afford healthcare.

As our Senator, Adam VanHo will fight to help push down the costs of healthcare.

This includes working on unconventional ideas, such as opening up the state’s healthcare programs to local governments, small businesses and families. He believes that by creating larger pools of healthcare users, Ohio can help create more options for families and also help push costs down by creating larger pools of users.

Adam believes that taking healthcare away from over 700,000 Ohioans is immoral.

Adam believes that we need to protect the expansion in healthcare that has already occurred. He understands that if Medicaid rollbacks occur, many working families, people with mental illnesses and recovering addicts will once again lack basic healthcare – which will lead to Ohioans needlessly dying due to a lack of help.

He also wants to see our schools and colleges expand job-training for healthcare-related fields. By training our students to meet Ohio’s growing healthcare needs, we will help boost our economy by giving students the jobs skills they need for well-paying jobs.


Adam was named after his great-grandfather, Adam Winans, a farmer from Paulding County, Ohio.

His family still farms the same land that has been in his family since the Northwest Land Ordinance. Generations later, he still enjoys walking around his family’s farm with his children.

However, family farms have been under attack.

Increased regulations, decreased commodities prices, abusive eminent domain practices and hard-to-get financing have crippled Ohio’s family farms.

Ohio’s farmers need a state senator who will fight for them.

Unlike others, Adam VanHo will fight to stop out-of-state companies from seizing our family farms. Farms that have been in families for generations should not be needlessly torn up by companies from Wall Street or Texas – and Adam will fight to prevent that from occurring.

He will also support measures to encourage younger generations to get into farming by working to make financing, grants and job-training possible for people wanting to get into farming.

Adam also believes that we should reduce regulations on farming and make it so that common sense prevails when enacting new laws restricting or regulating farming. He believes that we should unite our agricultural, educational and environmental communities to help develop the best ways to encourage Ohio’s agriculture while protecting the land and water around us.